volbiště team

How was volbiště

Project initiator Ing. Martin Stibor, Chairman of volbiště z.s., comes from a picturesque South Bohemian village, and his student years are connected with the town of Tábor. After successfully passing the Maturita school-leaving exam at the Pierre de Coubertin Grammar School, he decided to study economics in combination with economic and political history at the Prague University of Economics and Business. Prague became fateful in his professional life as well. He gains valuable work experience not only in our country, but also abroad. He is involved in a variety of private projects in the field of commerce, services and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on distinctive, beneficial and public projects.

The impetus for the establishment of the association and the creation of an independent electoral project volbiště was the growing neglect of important but often unpopular political topics, including the standpoints of individual political entities, and the relativization of the weight of the electoral vote. Volbiště aims to motivate active voters to take part in key decisions about the shape of our country’s political representation and to convince them that every vote plays an indispensable role. 

The Chairman sees volbiště as a unique electoral platform providing quality information, better orientation in political topics and a clear comparison of personal preferences with the standpoints of political parties.

About Us

We are a group of analysts with different political persuasions and an interdisciplinary overlap in the field of political and social sciences, international relations and economics. We were not indifferent to watching the unequal clashes of political entities not providing comprehensive and relevant information, which was difficult for voters to access in some cases. Many fundamental standpoints of political parties thus escaped attention of the electorate. In many cases, the statements of individual party members were misleading and did not correspond to the party’s official goals.

At present, the members of the volbiště z.s. association are mainly involved in the implementation of the project. None of the members of the association, nor the cooperating volunteers, is a member of any political entity. All persons concerned exercise only their active right to vote, without affiliation to any political party. The primary goal of volbiště is to provide those interested with complete and unbiased information, a clear comparison of their attitudes with individual political entities and assistance in their electoral decision-making.

If you agree with the ideas and intentions of volbiště, we will be happy to welcome new volunteers or interns to our team. Specifically, this would include the processing of PR, political science and popular science texts on a wide range of electoral topics, particularly political and electoral systems, or assistance with increasing administrative work.

Who finances us?

We take pride in our independence from political entities and state institutions, subsidy financing and financing by specific business entities.

The volbiště project is a purely Czech platform, which is funded by contributions from the volbiště z.s. interest association, which also run the website. The volbiště project was created thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts not only of the members of the association, but also of a number of volunteers, graduates of various university programmes.

Although the volbiště project has seen the light of day, there is still room for improvement. If you are interested, we will be happy if you support volbiště by donating to the transparent account: 2902030865/2010. We will use the obtained funds for running, maintaining and further developing the project.

Don’t leave anything to chance and get your answers from volbiště.

Volbiště Logo

Volbiště logo reflects the elements of state symbolism, independence, freedom and responsibility. It shows an original perspective on the meaning and importance of the electoral decision-making of each of us in the form of a fight of political entities in the electoral arena.

Each electoral vote has an equal opportunity to go in its own political direction, as illustrated by the tips pointing to different sides. The very shape of the logo is inspired by the Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelená hora, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The five small points in the logo symbolize the five main goals of volbiště: IMPARTIALITY, AWARENESS, COMPREHENSIBILITY, EQUAL FIGHT, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE.